Steps 1-4 and 6 are only required if your products are not at AvocadoStore yet and you want to import a large number of products.

For a small number of products (< 10) we recommend to create the products manually at AvocadoStore and match the SKUs. 

If your Products are already at AvocadoStore please make sure that the SKUs in your Shop and at AvocadoStore are identical and unique! 

Then follow only step 5 and 7. 


Here we will explain you which fields must be added to your products in order to export them to Avocadostore. 

Brand Name: 

The Avocadostore requires a field called "Brand Name"

It should be the same across all Products and should contain your general brand name. (Therefore, please create a Product Field "Brand Name" with a default value - see in Step 2 how to do that) 


The Avocadostore requires a field called "Material". The field can have multiple values and should be filled out the following way: 

percentage + material


80% Baumwolle

20% Elastan

You can find a list of accepted Materials in the list here:

Please indicate the materials exactly as you see it in the list above. 

3 Eco Criteria:

The AvocadoStore requires to fill out 3 Eco Criteria. Please find more information in the link above. 


Please make sure that all SKUs in your shop are unique. Different products must not have the same SKU.