What is a Product Template? 

A Product Template defines which product fields are available for all your products. You my have common product fields such as “SIZE” or more specific ones such as “ECO LABEL”. 

Open the application and select “Products” on the navigation menu on the left. Then click on “Product Template” on the upper right to open your Product Template. 


The Product Template is already filled with some standard Product Fields such as “Color”: 

All existing options from your shop are imported automatically. 

Add New Fields: 


As mentioned Step 1 Identify Required Fields. There are some required fields from Otto. All Fields with Feature Relevance “LEGAL, PRODUCT_DETAILS” for all your relevant product groups and product categories now must be created as new fields. 

Klick on “Add Field” on the upper right in the Product Template view to add Product Fields.

Label sets the Product Field Name while data type sets the format. Additionally, you can select 3 boxes. 

The first one indicates if it is an option field and therefore creates product variants. E.g. “Color” or “Size” would be such a field because variants are defined by this fields.

All existing options from your shop are imported automatically. 

The second box indicate if all variants have the same product field value or if there are variants that differ. 

The third box sets if multiple values are allowed or not. 


In this example we see that for the product group “Mützen” (as described in the list above) you have to set “Materialzusammensetzung” as product field because Feature Relevance is “LEGAL, PRODUCT_DETAILS”. 

Materialzusammensetzung has the data type “Single-Line Text / String”, is not an option field, is most likely the same across all product variants of one product and has multiple values (e.g. “Obermaterial: 100% Leder”, “Futter: 100% Baumwolle”).

Otto also gives you Example Values (see list above column H) of what specific values need to be entered in this product field. 

Default Value: 

You can set a default value for every product fields. A default value will be applied to all products. You should set it if all or the large majority of your products have the same value for this product field. E.g. if all your shoes are made out of leather you can set “Obermaterial: 100% Leder” as default value. 


Please repeat this steps for all product fields you need for the specific marketplace. 

For Otto please create all Product Fields according to the list with Feature Relevance “LEGAL, PRODUCT_DETAILS” and ideally also with Attribute Relevance "HIGH" for the required category groups.