To open the Product Editor please select "Products" on the navigation menu on the left and click on the title of a product. 

If your variants exist as single products, we advice you to group them first (step 3) 

You can also multi-select products by ticking the little boxes on the left next to the product name and then click on "Edit" on the upper right. 

To edit multiple products please tick the box next to the parent products. 


To just edit single products you can use the search function. Type in the name and just click on the product to open the product editor for one specific product. 


In the Product Editor view you see all selected products with their variants. The aim is now to fill out all required fields for the marketplace you want to address. 

In case of Otto we already created the product fields in the the Product Template in step 2. Those fields now must be filled out with the values indicated by Otto. We advice you to also check some products in the same category on Otto to better understand how to fill out your product fields. 


On the left side you can select and search within the selected products. On the right side all product fields and options are displayed. 

All product information from your shop is transferred automatically (e.g. Description). 

By clicking on options you will get an overview in table format. If required fields such as "Color" are not filled out, you will need to set it for every product. Please make sure to select just one variant on the left. 


To quickly mass assign options so that you don't have to click in every single field, just click on the Option Header. 




Make sure to select only the product variant where you want to apply the option value on the left so that mass assigning won't be applied to all product variants. 

After clicking through all the product variants the edited options should look like this if you select all variants on the left. Please don't forget to click "Save" on the upper right. ;) 

After all options are set please click on Product Fields and Variable Fields and fill out all required fields. 

Difference Product Field / Variable Field: 

For a Product Field the value among all variants of a products can't differ. For a Variable Field values of variants within a product can differ. 

If a field is a Product Field or not is set in step 2 in the Product Template view. 

By ticking the second box you define if you find your field as Product Field of Variable Field in the Product Edit. 


Otto Modellname: 

Please select all product variants and fill out the field "Modellname". This field will set the name your product will have in Otto. In this case "T-Shirt NOLDI". 

Otto Grundfarbe: 

Otto requires a field called "Grundfarbe" that needs to be filled out additionally to your color definition. This field needs to be a Variable field as "Grundfarbe" differs among product variants. 


The idea of the "Grundfarbe" is that the search and filter menu within Otto works on it. In the screenshot above you find the "Grundfarben" of Otto. Clients will be able to filter there selection based on that. 

List of all "Grundfarben" : lila, gelb, natur, schwarz, grün, silberfarben, transparent, grau, blau, braun, orange, weiß, goldfarben, rot, bunt, rosa


To fill it out please select the field on the menu right and then type in the Grundfarbe product per product. 


Apply values of a field to all other products

Pine will indicate you if all selected products have the same value for the field or if within your selection on the left all values are identical. 

If they are not identical then a red triangle will appear on the right. In many cases this is totally normal as Product / Variable Fields do differ among products. 

For example the "Grundfarbe" is not the same for all products. If you select products that have a different "Grundfarbe" and display the field value on the right, the red triangle will appear. 

If you want to apply the displayed value to all selected products then click on the red triangle. Please note: all other values for this field will be overwritten in this case. 



Please do not forget to click on Save after you edited your products. ;) 

Prepare Images: 

Finally please assign images to all variants.

Therefore click on images on the right. You will see an overview of all selected products and their variants. Just click on the variants that display "No images are assigned ..."

Usually you will have to assign all images to all variants. Therefore, click on "Assign All" and "Select All". 

Alternatively select the images you want to assign. You can also rearrange the order the images will be displayed by drag and drop and the variants it will be applied to. 


To upload your products on the Otto marketplace after successfully preparing them, just send us a list of the products via mail and we will handle the rest. ;)